Can a brand be strengthened with the help of music?

  • To answer that question we need to start with a little science. The important thing to understand is that people perceive music differently than speech. Speech and language is understood by the left brain that primarily controls our logical and rational thinking. Music however activates mainly our right brain that controls our emotions. Music is a language that speaks to people’s emotions.

  • A strong brand is built by the trust that company has created with the consumer and the associations that he or she has to its products and services. It involves subjective perceptions of customer awareness rather than actual product differences. A strong brand has loyal customers and that is a protection against competitors. Music can help to strengthen a brand. To hear music you like while exposed to a brand, can help to prove the brand in the recipient’s emotional consciousness.

  • Due to the increased flow of advertising and messages that a person is exposed to every day it becomes increasingly important to position the brand – not in the market at large, but in the customer’s mind. In the new marketing mix it is not what we see, but hear, feel and experience more and more important. Music can help us to reach and engage our audiences. In the new age of marketing the music and the artists can be the media that convert consumers to brand’s fans.

  • When we shop we are looking mostly for a rational reason to justify a purchase. But at the time of purchase, the decision itself is usually emotionally based. Emotions are already and will be even more important in the marketing of products and services, and in building a strong brand. It will increasingly be the emotional bond that leads consumers to choose a product or a service before a competitor, to pay more for it and buy it again and again.

  • As the world’s most valued brand Coca-Cola sit on a successful concept that is more than the recipe of the drink’s ingredients. What the company understood long before most others is the power of music to tie emotional bonds to and engage their customers . Although the images of many of their campaigns faded most of the consumers still  remember the music like ” Always Coca-Cola “. The song became so popular that it was sold in millions of copies as a single.

  • Mats Alpberg – Cat Be Dog Production