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Be More Dog!

Cat Be Dog want to inspire our customers to think outside the box. We add that in dialogue, creativity and story telling.

The inspiration behind our company name Cat Be Dog comes from the British company O2’s campaign Be More Dog that was developed in 2013.

The campaign has given O2 a theme and a philosophy that it can apply across all of its marketing communications and even its own business. The campaign has also given the brand a personality that connects with consumers of all types.

The message of the campaign is essentially that life in the 21st century is pretty great. There are things that should amaze us, but people have become too jaded to appreciate what is around them.

Click here to see how much the dog you are!

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Dark Social

  • The sharing you see on sites like Facebook and Twitter is the tip of the ‘social’ iceberg. We are impressed by its scale because it’s easy to measure.
  • But most sharing is done via dark social means like email and IM that are difficult to measure.
  • According to new data on many Media Sites, 69% of social referrals came from dark social. 20% came from Facebook.
  • Facebook and Twitter do shift the paradigm from private sharing to public publishing. They structure, archive, and monetize your publications.
  • Source: The Atlantic

Content Marketing ROI

  •  Value #1: Content is lasting and permanent

9 leads were generated by paid search, while 31 leads were generated by content marketing


  • Value #2: Content serves two masters: your customers and search engines

Organic search leads have a 14.6 percent close rate, while outbound marketing leads have a 1.7 percent close rate.


  • Value #3: Content gains trust; trust gains customers

78 percent of consumers believe that organizations that offer custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.


  • Value #4: Content speaks to skeptical Millennials better than advertising

94 percent of Millennials use at least one outside source to make a brand purchase decision, up from 86 percent in 2010.

Produce content that encourages engagement and social activity to reach Millennials who are glued to their phones in anticipation of finding the next big thing through natural placements and mentions — not interruption advertising.

The content that you publish doesn’t just benefit your readers — it can also help you improve your search rankings. Content has been a cornerstone of successful SEO practices. Creating high-quality content sends the signal to search engines that you hold some authority within your industry. The more often you do this, the stronger that signal becomes.




What is Content Marketing?

  • First, realize that content marketing is essentially just the act of producing and giving out valuable, interesting information (content) to a specific audience in the hopes of engagement and future purchasing behavior.
    That’ it!
  • Simply put, its primary focus is on building the relationship, not the hard sell.
  • In order to implement a successful content marketing plan you first have to know who you want to talk to.
  • While traditional marketing methods are certainly still valuable, they tend to work most effectively with a strategized content marketing plan.
  • Start to produce and publish editorial content that audiences will find instructive, informative or entertaining.

–Rinse and repeat about 1,000 times and you’re halfway there! In all seriousness, content marketing isn’t a one-shot deal.